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Lunch, dinner or drinks at Blue District Alkmaar, always inspired by the laws of the Blue Zones

Location, location, location

No matter how good your restaurant is, if you are located somewhere in a corner of Alkmaar, you will never be successful. How different is that for Blue District. We overlook the Noordhollandsch Kanaal and the old center and our building is within walking distance of the station and parking facilities in a place where it is bustling every moment of the day. A good restaurant at a prime location in Alkmaar!


No matter how fresh, well-prepared and flavorful a meal is, bad service spoils everything. A good restaurant in Alkmaar - or elsewhere - stands or falls with the quality of the service. At Blue District you can be sure of smooth, cheerful service with a lot of catering experience.


Why do you go to a good restaurant in Alkmaar? For fun, for relaxation and for great food. Our guests can count on farm-fresh culinary meals at any time of the day.

a drink with colleagues
and a night out with friends
it's all possible with us
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